BTS’s Jin And RM Dubbed Themselves In A MV, And No One Noticed It

Behind the scenes footage reveals the movie magic behind this BTS music video.

ARMYs have a ton of fun dubbing BTS videos, but some fans may not know that the members have actually dubbed themselves before.


At the end of BTS’s Burn The Stage movie, a montage of behind the scenes clips played alongside the credits. In one of these scenes, Jin and RM are sitting side by side with microphones, recording their voices…


Well, trying to record their voices.


They had a difficult time holding in their laughter as they dubbed their own voices for a scene in the Japanese version of BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” MV.

RM (practicing): Long time no see.

Jin: Long time no see.

RM (recording): What? (laughter) Do you find my face funny?


The scene appears at the end of the MV. It is the same scene in which RM’s character meets Jin’s character in Episode 3 of BTS’s Save Me webtoon.


Now that the dubbing’s been revealed, some ARMYs say they’ll never see the scene the same way. Others are wondering just how many of BTS’s other MVs have been dubbed!


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