BTS’s RM Went In For A Hug, But Jin Was Still In Fight Mode

Jin wasn’t about to let his guard down for anyone, not even his leader.

BTS‘s Jin loves getting hugged by his members…most of the time.


At BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concerts, the members play around, especially during their sillier songs like “So What” and “Spinebreaker”. In fact, there’s so much pranking, teasing, and water fighting that Jin has to be on his guard at all times!


So, when RM went in for this sincere, 100% genuine, I’m-not-up-to-anything-sneaky hug…


…Jin’s fight mode was activated! He hesitantly, sort of hugged RM back…


…then, he raised his hand like he wanted to smack him!


Poor Jin gets sneak attacked on stage so often that his reaction is just as understandable as it is hilarious!