BTS’s Jin Goes Savage On Weverse And Shuts Down ARMYs’ Extra Silly Comments

“Please stop this nonsense everyone.”

BTS‘s Jin is known to be super active on Weverse, leaving personal responses under each of the ARMY posted comments. And ARMYs absolutely adore Jin’s reactions in these responses, because Jin isn’t ever afraid to show his true personality.


In his latest reply-athon, on November 3, 2019, Jin boasted his mildly savage side and shut down all of ARMYs silly dad jokes, subtle thirst posts, and pretty much everything else. For example, an ARMY presented Jin with RM‘s Koya crossover hybrid of his BT21 character RJ — and Jin was not impressed.

ARMY: Hello, this is Koya… no, RJ… no, Ko-J.
Jin: What is that. Cotton candy or something?


To an ARMY who was extra whipped for the Jin + Jungkook combo, Jin denied there being any chemistry.

ARMY: Seriously… I love the oldest + youngest chemistry… I’m surprised that Jungkook was able to cover all that Worldwide Handsome-ness with his hand.
Jin: What chemistry though. How is that chemistry? I cry.


When another ARMY tried to compliment that “Worldwide Handsome-ness” of Jin’s, he playfully shut it down.

ARMY: Don’t you remember, Jin-oppa? We got caught robbing the museum together, but you pretended to be a statue so only I was taken.
Jin: Please stop this nonsense everyone (breaks window).


As for ARMYs who tried their lucks with dad jokes and word plays against Jin, who is an avid jokester himself, he showered them with playful disappointment…

ARMY: You know, if there is a Weverse, how come there isn’t a Youverse or Meverse…? Ha… Haha…
Jin: Hmm…


… then ultimately, the cold shoulder. This particular post didn’t even stand a chance — Jin casually ignored the whole thing and walked away:


ARMY: But aren’t you the protector of gim (seaweed, the way Jin’s last name Kim is pronounced)!?!?
Jin: I’m off to go play games. Kbye.


ARMYs are cracking up at how Jin was so Jin in these comments. His attempt to be “savage” is only making ARMYs UWU even harder. It’s clear: Of all the Jins, Jin-gone-rogue is the most adorable for sure.

Source: THEQOO