BTS’s Jin Ended The Famous “Sesame Leaf” Debate With Just One Move

Such a Jin-ius!

The sesame leaf debate has been going on for a good half of the year. If you still don’t know what the debate is all about, it started in 2018. The 2018 clip of singer couple Noh Sa Yeon and Lee Moo Sung on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 began circulating in late 2021. She had accused her husband of helping a female junior hold down the sesame leaves so she could peel a piece off. In Korea, sesame leaves are often eaten as side dishes. The problem is that these leaves are often clumped together because of how thin they are and require more hands to help peel them off. As Noh Sa Yeon brought up, the action could cause jealousy in some, while others may feel that it is simply good manners.

The original clip with Noh Sa Yeon and her husband demonstrates the dilemma. | SBS

Imagine you go out with your friend and your lover. Your lover is struggling with getting a sesame leaf. Your friend helps your lover hold down the sesame leaves while your lover peels one off. Is that okay with you? Conversely, are you okay with your lover helping your friend do the same?

— The “sesame debate.”

Every idol has been asked about their opinions on the debate, and BTS is not an exception. Recently, Jungkook had to answer the question on his Instagram stories Q&A.

He very wisely chose the path out.

Let’s just not eat sesame leaves.

— Jungkook

On the other hand, when V was asked the same question, he stood firm in his beliefs.

Taehyung, do you know about the sesame leaf debate? What does Taehyung think?

[edit after receiving a reply] gasp…! No…I really…got a response. A reply from Taehyun!! I’ll go buy a lottery ticket and be back. And amidst all this, the “never ever” makes me fluttery, LOL.

— Fan

A fan asking V for his opinion on Weverse. | @_vinsom_/Twitter

LOL, never ever.

— V

So we have V for no and Jungkook staying neutral. What about the other members? While they’ve not yet been asked the question, an old clip from BTS’s Run BTS was revisited. From there, fans deduced Jin‘s answer.

Jin smartly peeled sesame leaves apart. | HYBE

Jin’s answer? Do it by yourself, of course! Unlike most people who would only think of using their chopsticks, Jin used his lips to hold down a piece in a stroke of genius. He then used his chopsticks to separate it from the bunch. Jin-ius!

We’re still waiting on the verdict from the other members, but for now, it seems like Jin has ended the debate with his brilliant move. In the meantime, catch the origin of the sesame leaf debate here.