BTS’s Jin Once Revealed Why He Felt Appreciative Of His Parents While Watching The K-Drama “SKY Castle”

Jin thanked his parents.

SKY Castle is one of the most popular K-Dramas to ever air on Korean cable. A big theme in the show is the pressure students in Korea face to go to a big-name university. In SKY Castle, there are many scenes where the parents are pressuring their children to perform well in school.

K-Drama SKY Castle

BTS‘s Jin was one of the many people who watched SKY Castle, and while watching the show, he started getting even more appreciative of his parents.

BTS’s Jin

During a live broadcast, Jin shared that while watching scenes from SKY Castle of parents pressuring their kids to do well in school, he started getting thankful that his parents never forced him to study hard.

While Jin’s parents did encourage him to study hard, they never forced it upon him.

Jin concluded by saying that he should tell his parents how thankful he is towards them.

Jin and his family have such a heartwarming bond!

BTS’s Jin
Source: Naver Live