Jin And Suga Plotted Against Their Members, But It Totally Backfired

They got tangled in their own web of deceit.

Sometimes, BTS‘s masterminds get away with murder. Other times, karma says, “Hey, stob it!”.


Jin and Suga both got what was coming to them in the latest episode of Run BTS!., and nobody can say they didn’t deserve it.


In Episode 82, BTS competed in virtual reality games (VR) that ranged from gravity-defying to terrifying. For their penalty, the losing team had to escape from a VR “room of horrors”, but there was a catch — only two people could fit in the room.


To choose their sacrificial lambs, the losing team’s members played “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. J-Hope and Suga lost, but since they both had “pass the penalty” coupons from previous games, they had a chance to escape their fate.


Suga took great pleasure in choosing his penalty victim. He chose at first, knowing V would be frightened, but then he gave V the power to choose the victim from among his teammates.


Suddenly, Jin was doomed! V chose Jin to get revenge for Jimin


..because Jin had tried to convince V to sacrifice him!


Initially, J-Hope was going to accept the penalty himself, but he changed his mind. He wanted to see Suga suffer!


Jin and Suga may be tired of living in an “unfair world”, but it’s a world of their own making!