BTS’s Jin Savagely Responded When Suga’s Inner “Old Man” Came Out

“We didn’t have these things in our days.”

While BTS‘s Suga is only 28 years old (international age), there have been many moments where his inner “old man” came out.

Suga even once was in disbelief when a fan told him they were born in 2006 (Suga was born in 1993).

Recently, Jin decided to savagely respond when Suga’s inner “old man” came out!

BTS’s Suga
BTS’s Jin

BTS recently played a balance game as the instrumental for “Permission to Dance” played in the background, and at the end, they all gathered in front of the camera. Suga then said, “Is this what kids these days do?


Jin, who is older than Suga and is the eldest member of the group, then hilariously said, “Stop acting so old.


Despite Jin saying this, Suga continued with, “We didn’t have these things in our days.”


Here’s the full video below!