BTS’s Jin Reacts To His Trainer’s Worldwide Shoulders Measurements

Only the leJINdary Jin would respond like this.

BTS Jin‘s shoulders are the stuff of leJINds. They’re wider than the Great Wall of China, vaster than the sea, more expansive than RM‘s knowledge, more voluminous than V‘s curls…


Okay, okay! Maybe Jin’s shoulders aren’t quite that broad, but they are broad enough to have a Worldwide reputation.


In the latest episode of Run BTS!, BTS measured Jin’s shoulders as part of a game where they had to vote “O” (agree) or “X” (disagree) to statements like this:


Jin’s shoulders ended up being 48 cm, 2 cm smaller than V’s statement claimed. These measurements, however, don’t match the ones taken by Jin’s personal trainer.


After the episode aired, a fan reached out to Jin’s trainer online. According to him, Jin’s shoulders are actually 58cm wide!


“Seokjin-oppa,” a fan wrote to Jin on Weverse. “I heard your shoulders are 58!!!!!!!!!! Are you human????????”


Comedy king Jin replied with, “I’m a monster.” 


Who knew a monster could be this handsome?