BTS Jin’s Worldwide Broad Shoulders Are Too Much For These Outfits To Handle

He’s going to need that tailored.

BTS‘s Jin is just as well known for his amazing shoulders as he is for his good-looking face. His “Captain Korea” sized shoulders, however, sometimes do make life a bit complicated for Jin, as not a lot of outfits can handle all that broadness!


Jin is usually seen in casual, comfortable clothing. While most of his outfits do a steady job at completely draping over his shoulders, some sweaters do fail him. When this does happen, ARMYs are reminded of Jin’s supersized shoulders and how hard it must be for the stylists and Jin himself to find clothes that fit!


The “issue” amplifies whenever Jin tries to suit up. Formal jackets often end up being too small – to embrace all of Jin’s shoulders.


Most of the times, Jin’s shoulders will be wider than the jacket – and he’ll look like he had been squeezed into a size too small, with the sleeves riding halfway up his arms…


… except he actually wasn’t and the jacket fits him well everywhere else. It’s always the shoulders that are causing him mild wardrobe drama!


When he goes a size up, the stylists have to pull this neat trick of tucking in the sleeves and the length of the jacket. This could look silly, but Jin masks it so well – probably by grabbing all the attention with his handsomeness.


When the suit does fit though, Jin is simply jaw-dropping and breathtaking! Fans are bound to fall in love with that face, set on top of that physique.


Even when his shoulder are shooting out of his top, Jin manages to look le-JIN-dary!


The secret to Jin’s extra-extra-big shoulders? Check out where he got them from:

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Source: THEQOO