Fear? BTS’s Jungkook Definitely Doesn’t Know Her

Jungkook showed no fear while being catapulted through the air…upside down.

BTS‘s ultimate adrenaline junkie is laughing in the face of danger again!


Jungkook never says no to an adventure, especially if it involves jumping from heights that would make many people have a mental breakdown.


In Episode 5 of Bon Voyage 4, BTS went camping, visited a hot tub, and catapulted themselves through the air. Jungkook took BTS’s gravity-defying fun one step further by doing it upside down!


Like the badass he is, Jungkook blew his awe-struck members a kiss…


…and went flying! Woohoo!


The other members couldn’t get over their shock or how cool their fearless maknae is.


When Jungkook returned, his hyungs teased him for “crying” (the cold wind stung his eyes), and Jungkook revealed that his kiss had been for the king of flying kisses, Jin.


For most people, once is enough, but Jungkook couldn’t wait to go for another ride!


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