BTS Lost Their Bikes In New Zealand And They Didn’t Even Notice

Jin, Suga, RM, and V had a little mishap on BTS’s camping trip.

Once again, it’s BTS‘s staff to the rescue!


In Episode 5 of Bon Voyage 4, BTS went on a camping trip in New Zealand’s scenic countryside. Let’s just say that the members aren’t quite as skilled at roughing it as they are at performing on stage.


Everything from pitching tents to starting fires was a challenge, but BTS banded together to overcome every obstacle. Well, almost every obstacle.


When Team SUV was driving from one location to the next, they suddenly heard a crashing sound.


Uh oh. That doesn’t look good! JinSugaRM, and V had no idea that their bikes had fallen off the back of the SUV…


…but someone else did! Those poor bikes might have been lost forever, if not for the staff.


When the staff told Team SUV what had happened, they were shocked. Not a single passenger realized what had happened. They thought they’d just hit a bump in the road!


The members wondered what they should do. Should they go back and pick up their bikes? If they’d been traveling alone, that would be the only option, but luckily…


…the staff had it covered!


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