ARMY Finally Gets A Peek At BTS Jungkook’s Arm Tattoos

Jungkook’s sleeve was on display in Bon Voyage 4.

For months, fans have been dying to see more of Jungkook‘s tattoos, and that wish has finally been granted!


Back in September, at the end of BTS‘s month-long vacation, Jungkook arrived at the airport with hand tattoos that sparked a “is it real or not?” debate.


Since then, the debate has more or less ended with “yes, they’re real“, despite no official confirmation.


At concerts, Jungkook’s hand tatts are on full display, but he keeps them covered up for Bon Voyage 4, most likely due to broadcast regulations. The show’s editing team even Photoshopped Jungkook’s ink out of official promo shots, like this one.


In Episode 5 of Bon Voyage 4, however, eagle-eyed viewers were in for a pleasant surprise! They spotted Jungkook’s tattoo sleeve in the background when BTS visited a hot spring.


It isn’t a very clear shot, but fans are thrilled to see it at all!


Hopefully, one day, Jungkook will decide to officially debut his body art, but until then check out the clip here: