BTS’s Jungkook Pulled An Elsa For “Bon Voyage 4”

The Golden Maknae and Frozen’s queen have something in common.

Jungkook‘s (Real? Temporary? Magical?) tattoos are no secret to ARMY, but like Frozen‘s Elsa he must “conceal, don’t feel”…for now.


Due to broadcast regulations, Jungkook appears to be covering his ink for BTS‘s travel-reality show, Bon Voyage 4. Luckily for the show’s editors, BTS vacationed in snowy New Zealand, not the tropics, so censoring Jungkook’s tattoos won’t give them too much of a headache!


In the preview photos for Episode 2, Jungkook made the editors’ jobs a whole lot easier by fixing the problem Elsa-style. He wears one black, winter glove while chilling indoors with his members.


Glove or not though, fans will probably catch a few glimpses of Jungkook’s tattoos on the shows. This sneak peek already slipped into Episode 1’s “Story Untold” segment!


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