Jungkook’s Childhood Photos Are Killing Fans With Cuteness

These “baby Kook” photos are giving fans all the feels.

In less than a week, BTS‘s “baby” will turn another year older, and many fans still can’t believe it.


Over the last six years, Jungkook transformed from shy, teenage rookie to charismatic superstar before their eyes.


On September 1, Jungkook will turn 22 (international age). To celebrate, fans are organizing charity projects, reminiscing, and sharing these “baby Kook” photos.


In these photos, Jungkook smiles brightly while spending a day at the beach. Back then, nobody knew that this sweet, little boy would grow up to be one of the most talented, influential stars on the planet.


Years later, Jungkook is still as cute as ever…


…and he hasn’t lost his love for the sea!


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