BTS’s Jungkook Almost Caused Another Downy-Style Fiasco

“Downy Pt. 2” won’t be happening, if Jungkook can help it.

When it comes to product endorsements, BTS‘s Golden Maknae has a golden touch that’s way too powerful for the retail world to handle. Now, he’s trying his best to control this “superpower”.


In January, Jungkook accidentally caused a major Downy shortage by mentioning the name of his favourite laundry detergent in a fan chat with ARMY. Two months worth of Downy’s supply sold out in a day, thanks to Jungkook’s fans!


The Downy craze became so wild that Jungkook earned the nickname “Laundry Fairy” and Downy Korea eventually hosted a giveaway to thank ARMYs for loving their products.


Now that the craziness has died down, Jungkook being much more careful about sharing his preferences with ARMY. On February 18, Jungkook mentioned that he uses jojoba oil, during J-Hope‘s birthday broadcast.


During a fan cafe chat with ARMYs on February 22, Jungkook was asked to name the brand of jojoba oil he uses. If he’d given fans the name, the brand may have followed in Downy’s footsteps, but Jungkook decided to play it safe by hinting at the product instead of naming it.


Fans can’t help laughing at Jungkook’s reply, claiming that the Downy fiasco still “haunts” him.


Check out this story to find out how the Downy saga began.

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