BTS’s Jungkook Had Everyone Fooled With His Not-So-Formal Fashion

Only he could pull it off so well that no one noticed.

In terms of fashion, BTS‘s Jungkook has come a long way from wearing his beloved Timberland Boots with any and everything.

On top of moving onto bigger and better boots, he’s found his signature sense of style, selling out clothing and shoes along the way.

Focusing particularly on his love of black clothing and chunky boots, he wouldn’t let anyone take that signature style away from him, even for a photoshoot where he had everyone fooled otherwise.

When the photos of Big Hit Entertainment‘s family photoshoot dropped, everyone had been so excited to see all the artists together. With everyone dressed in black from head to toe, no one seemed out of place. At least, upon first look.

Revisiting the photos for a closer look, Jungkook hadn’t been sporting the same formal wear like everyone else. While everyone else had been wearing pants, this maknae was wearing actual sweatpants. Looking at his black shirt tucked into the stretchy band of them made it stand out even more.

Pairing a tie along with the casual item had fans realizing how thoroughly they’d been tricked by the entire look. If they’d looked closely, they would’ve noticed how different Jungkook’s shoes looked as well. Staying true to his style, he had on a pair of chunky boots.

The fact that Jungkook could transform the items into a formal look just shows how he can pull off absolutely anything. No one would question him.

Had you been fooled by Jungkook’s photoshoot fashion, or did you notice it all along?


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