BTS’s Jungkook And EXO’s Lay Both Modeled Calvin Klein But Served Totally Different Vibes

Both stars stunned in their editorials for Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular brands in the world right now, so naturally, they are constantly looking for the best of the best to represent them and their clothing lines as brand ambassadors. The brand’s popularity has solidified the importance of its ambassadors as well, with two names that stand out among the roster of famous celebrities being BTS‘s Jungkook and EXO member LAY. Both superstars have been the face of the same brand, despite this, they were each able to bring their own unique vibes through their photoshoots.

Jungkook | Calvin Klein
Lay | Calvin Klein

Jungkook was recently announced as the new global ambassador on March 27 after they had teased a project with the Korean superstar for quite some time. The brand’s official Twitter account posted a video of Jungkook serving some of the hottest looks ever in a black & white filter that sent the internet into a frenzy.

His photoshoot look was simple but deadly, as the idol wore a denim jacket from Calvin Klein’s 90s-inspired SS23 collection with no shirt underneath. In another set, Jungkook wore dark wash denim over the trademark Calvin Klein underwear.

The BTS star rocked a lighter denim jacket and jeans, paired with a classic Calvin Klein t-shirt in his third set of pictures.

Known for his edgy and mesmerizing style, it’s no surprise this shoot gave off major rockstar vibes. From the photos highlighting his tattoos to Jungkook’s incredible hairstyle and his confident poses, ARMYs, and everyone else, were absolutely floored following the release of Jungkook’s editorials. The black & white filter seemed to emphasize the idol’s bold and unconventional vibes even more.

Jungkook | Calvin Klein

Lay, meanwhile, was the face of Calvin Klein China, the first Chinese global model chosen by the brand. The EXO star officially added Calvin Klein to his impressive list of endorsements back in August 2019.

Similar to Jungkook, Lay also shot several ads campaign adorned in denim but gave off a completely different vibe. In the majority of the editorials, he wore light-wash blue denim, giving his photoshoots a brighter spin than Jungkook’s bold and dark one. In some other pictures, he can be seen wearing nothing else but a chain and Calvin Klein’s iconic underwear.

Lay | Calvin Klein

Lay is known for a more casual style with streetwear influences similarly, his shoots give off a lighter and more laid-back sexiness with more relaxed poses and bright coloring.

Lay | Calvin Klein

Alongside these ads, the Chinese superstar also showed off his figure and muscles multiple times in Calvin Klein ads where he wore nothing but underwear.

Lay | Calvin Klein

Lay’s previous photoshoots have fans wondering if Jungkook will release any similar editorials in the future, either way, everyone can agree that despite going for completely different vibes both stars served nothing but the sexiest looks.

Same Fit, Different Vibes

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