BTS’s Jungkook Still Treasures This Gift From A Fan, Three Years Later

His steadfast love for this gift is warming fans’ hearts.

In 2016, BTS‘s Jungkook received a special gift from a fan and, three years later, he still cherishes it.


In 2016, fansite master @HORIZON9597 gifted Jungkook with an engraved ring from Tiffany & Co.


Since she also gave a matching ring to V, fans dubbed these rings the “TaeKook” couple rings.

Fans Spot BTS V and Jungkook Wearing Couple Rings


Both V and Jungkook have been seen wearing the rings at past fan sign events.


In fact, V was playing with his ring so much that Jungkook took it from him and wore both the rings himself!


BTS receives many gifts from fan, and goes through lots of jewelry, but after three years Jungkook is still wearing his ring!


He can be seen wearing it here, for BTS’s 2019 New Year’s message.


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