BTS’s Jungkook Just Swept Up His Latest “Nuna” Fan – And She’s A Supermodel!

Get in line, sis.

For those not yet in the know, Han Hye Jin is a supermodel, and one of Korea’s best. She walked the New York Fashion Show runways for three years straight during her prime, around the late 2000s. This was a feat back then as a model of Asian descent. She currently is on the panel for many variety shows, including More Salty Tour, I Live Alone and Dating Interference.

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During her panel time on Dating Interference, a show that gives advice after watching actors act out a real-life worry sent in by audiences, that day’s scenario was having a girlfriend that loves idols. Han Hye Jin said she could relate to the girlfriend, as she had recently gotten into an idol too.

“From last year…” | Dating Interference

The idol was none other than BTS‘s Jungkook. She had explained that she fell for the lovable bunny since a year ago!

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She had gotten into a habit of using Instagram for her fangirling, and revealed that she saves videos by bookmarks on the app.

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Apparently she had saved around 500 videos of the golden maknae!

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Many BTS fans acknowledged her as the real deal, saying the way she looked as she confessed her love was undeniable!

Catch the cut of her admitting that she became a fan here!

With BTS set to release a new song in August, as well as a new reality show, Han Hye Jin is going to be busy, busy, busy!

Source: theqoo