BTS’s Jungkook Used To Be Insecure About A Certain Body Part, But Now He Embraces It

Meanwhile, ARMYs love this!

Even someone as flawless as BTS‘s Jungkook can still feel insecure from time to time!

While Jungkook is confident in various things about himself, like his lips and his voice, he still has some insecurities.

However, one of his biggest insecurities has become one of his favorite things about his body in the past few years. Known for his thick and muscular thighs, Jungkook has not always been a fan of them!

RM once revealed that he had to convince Jungkook that having thick thighs isnt a negative thing. In fact, he thinks they give him a more manly appearance.

Sitting to my right is Jungkook. Jungkookie originally had no confidence in his legs. But his thighs are really manly and strong. Even so, that’s a little bit of complex to Jungkook personally. He often tells me, “Hyung, my legs look very thick”, but I would tell him that’s cool. I think he has really manly thighs. That’s why I want to buy him cool pants that would suit his thighs. Slim straight pants would suit him well. It’s not really baggy and would narrow down as it goes down his legs, so I think that would suit him.

— RM, 2016

Jungkook really began to embrace his thighs and list them as one of his favorite body parts when ARMY shared how much they loved them.

Q: The body part you are the most confident in?

JK: Thighs (ARMY likes them…)

— Jungkook

He began to include his thighs in his list of charming points, along with his lips!

In following interviews, fans loved to see the change in Jungkook as he confidently talked about his thighs.

Interviewer: “What is your favorite physical feature on yourself?”

JK: *to members* “How do you say “thighs” in English?”

Since then, we’ve seen Jungkook act confident in his thighs over the years! He’s not afraid to wear ripped or tight pants on stage or in photoshoots.

As a fan of working out, he works hard on them.




Netizens shared how even his calves are toned!

One of the many reasons Jungkook’s legs look so good is because of his stunning proportions. While hidden in baggy clothes, you can see just how long his legs are with tight pants and a tucked in shirt!

His tiny upper body and long legs give him a celebrity look Check out how high his waist is compared to those around him!

Take a look at some of his best “thigh” moments below!




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