Jungkook Set Bangkok On “FIRE” At BTS’s Last “Love Yourself” Concerts

He turned up “FIRE’s” heat even higher by changing up freestyling the choreography.

BTS‘s Jungkook turned up the heat in Bangkok and ARMYs were not prepared for it!


On April 7, BTS performed Day 2 of their Love Yourself concert in Bangkok, officially ending their 2018-2019 Love Yourself world tour.


The members left fans with many unforgettable memories, and more than a few sizzling hot performances!


Often times, some of BTS’s hottest dance moves end up being freestyle, and that was the case with Jungkook during “FIRE”.


As soon as the song started, Jungkook got right into it, pumping up ARMY with his energy and passion. When he got down on the stage and did this move, the crowd went crazy!


Fans especially loved this sexy moment, but it wasn’t the only one that made them scream.


The audience also loved these casual shoulder movements…


…and every second of “Baepsae”.


Basically, every sexy Jungkook moment was a memorable one!


Love Yourself in Bangkok (or should we say “Bangkook?”) was full of adorable Jungkook moments too, like the time he faked tears during “The Truth Untold”.

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