BTS Jungkook’s Added A Personal Touch To His Gift For ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki

His modern hanbok is one of a kind.

Before ENHYPEN was ENHYPEN and Ni-ki was still a contestant on Mnet‘s I-LAND, he received a special present from Jungkook.

Ni-ki (far left) | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

In Episode 7 of I-LANDBTS signed autographs and gave personalized presents to the trainees who made it into the Top 12.

Jungkook’s gift was a modern hanbok that’s just like the one he loves to wear.

At the time, most viewers were more focused on Ni-ki’s elation than the hanbok’s tiny details.

When Ni-ki recently wore the hanbok for ENHYPEN’s live broadcast, “NightYPEN”, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Jungkook’s signature and “BTS JK” embroidered in purple thread near the sleeve’s hem.

| @JJK_Times/Twitter

Now, Ni-ki can take his sunbae with him wherever he goes!