BTS’s “Jungkook Hyung” Has Officially Debuted, And Now We’re All Crying

Jungkook is officially no longer BigHit’s maknae.

TXT has officially debuted, which means BTS‘s Jungkook is officially no longer Big Hit Entertainment‘s youngest idol. He’s a “hyung” now!


When Jungkook debuted he was just 15 years old, so it’s hard to believe ARMY‘s “baby” is now TXT’s “older brother”.


When ARMYs first realized Jungkook would no longer be the company’s maknae, they coped by memeing it up on Twitter.


Now they’re celebrating “Jungkook-hyung’s” debut by sharing some of his cutest…


…and silliest moments.


Even though ARMY knew this day would come, fans are still emotional wrecks.


We can’t wait to hear TXT call him “Jungkook-hyung” for the very first time!


For more, check out how “Jimin-hyung” is cheering on TXT’s debut here.

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