BTS’s Jimin And TXT Had The Cutest Conversation Proving How Close They Are

There’s nothing but love between them.

BTS‘s Jimin recently had a conversation with his Big Hit Entertainment hoobaes, TXT, that shows just how much he loves them.


Jimin is the kind of friend everyone needs in their lives. Whenever BTS’s members drop a new track, he promotes it like no tomorrow. He also recently showed support for HOTSHOT Ha Sung Woon‘s solo debut

“I’ll support you on too, hyung. You’ve worked hard.”

— Jimin


…and his friend, dance instructor Kim Daehoon, who appeared on the singing competition show I Can Hear Your Voice. 

“Kim Daehoon
Your first stage that you will show through a broadcast, I’ll cheer for you and look forward to it too! You can do it, Daehoon, fighting!”

— Jimin


On March 4, TXT’s debut day, Jimin cheered TXT on with this heartfelt message, on behalf of himself and BTS.

“We will support you going forward as well
I sincerely congratulate you on your debut.

— Jimin


TXT replied by thanking Jimin for his support, and promising to do their best!

“Hello Jimin sunbae-nim!!
From now on, we will do our best!!
Thank you for cheering us on/supporting
Please watch over us well!!”



Jimin’s tweet is the first tweet the TXT members’ account has ‘liked’, and TXT is reportedly the first Korean group BTS have followed on Twitter. This is just more proof that the BigHit family supports each other 100%!

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