Fans Are Dying To Know What Jungkook Whispered To J-Hope On Stage

This moment from “THE FACT Music Awards” is leaving ARMYs with a lot of questions.

ARMYs are curious about an on-stage moment that happened between BTS‘s Jungkook and J-Hope at THE FACT Music Awards. 


On April 24, BTS attended the very first U+5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS. They were the first-ever winners of the show’s “Artist of the Year” award, “U+ Idol Live Popularity Award”, “Best Album” award, and the “THE FACT Music Daesang”.


When BTS went on stage to accept one of their awards, Jungkook leaned over and whispered something to J-Hope.


J-Hope’s wide-eyed reaction is making many fans wonder what Jungkook said to him!


The answer is hard to guess just from this zoomed-in clip…


…but pictures are worth a thousand words! Right after Jungkook whispered in J-Hope’s ear, he hooked arms with him.


J-Hope looked down at their linked arms then up at Jungkook…


…who was smiling brightly.


It looks like Jungkook just wanted to show his hyung some love!


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