Temporary BTS Jungkook Tattoos Are Being Sold In Japan

You can now try out the Golden Maknae’s ink.

BTS‘s Jungkook is the gift that keeps on giving to ARMY, and so are his tattoos!


During BTS’s 2019 hiatus, Jungkook finally got the ink he’s been wanting to get since he was a teenager. Jungkook gave fans their first clear look at his hand tattoos last September…


…and he has revealed a little bit more with each passing month.


Everything the Golden Maknae touches sells out instantly, so it’s not surprising that his own body art has become unofficial merch!


On January 1, a fan shared this photo of temporary Jungkook tattoos on Twitter.


According to the fan, they are being sold in Japan. So, if you happen to be visiting Korea Town, you may want to keep your eyes open!