Here’s The Full Backstory Of BTS’s J-Hope and Jungkook’s “Banana Incident”

Jungkook explains everything.

Many ARMY’s know the tale of BTS‘s J-Hope and Jungkook arguing over a banana. During their movie and docuseries Burn The Stage, the two briefly touched upon the memory without providing much backstory. However, Jungkook once went in-depth to explain exactly why and how it all went down!

During a live broadcast, he shared that the banana came from a fruit basket as part of a gift from a fan right around the time of debut.

Jungkook gladly shared his gift with all of the BTS members…

…however, the 7 guys quickly worked their way through the basket’s variety of fruit. Jungkook wanted to make sure he had some left for himself!

After telling the others, J-Hope wasn’t particularly happy to hear that!

Suddenly, J-Hope threw a banana at me and said, ‘You eat them all!’

— J-Hope

Back then, a gift was so rare to him so it was extra precious. However, he accidentally hurt his hyung‘s feelings…all over some fruit!

I realized J-Hope could be angry like this!

— Jungkook

Nowadays, they hardly ever fight and can look back at the story and laugh!