BTS’s Jungkook, Jin, And Jimin Have 3 Very Different Workout Styles

Jungkook, Jin, and Jimin demonstrated their exercise techniques while working out with their members.

BTS‘s JinJungkook, and Jimin recently proved that there’s more than one right way to exercise, so long as you do it with style.


In the behind scene for Episode 70 of Run BTS!, BTS exercised together at their rental house in Canada. Workout king Jungkook kicked off the class with a list of exercises he’d saved to his phone. He and V started with jumping jacks…


…then Jin and RM joined in for push-ups.


When it was time for jump squats, Jin added his own personal flare by jumping like…well…Jin.


P.S. He crushed J-Hope.


After participating in planks and burpees…


…Jimin peaced out of strength training to do his own flexibility-based exercises.


Although he said his exercises might look “uncool”, they’re trainer-approved and important to him.


They’re also harder than they look!


Jungkook and Jimin both ended their workouts with stretches…


…and some vocal magic from Jin!


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