BTS’s “Muscle Pig” Jungkook Dropped A New Weightlifting Workout Video

The “Muscle Pig” is back and stronger than ever.

ARMYs might want to up their gym game after seeing Jungkook‘s new workout video!


“Muscle Pig” Jungkook earned his nickname for being a strong AF, and exercise is one of the (many, many, many…) things he excels at. Even with his crammed schedule and world travels, Jungkook still finds time to stay in shape!


Jungkook loves to share his progress with fans too. Just a couple of weeks ago, Jungkook tweeted out this video of his boxing practice, and ARMYs were thoroughly impressed with his skills.


On May 7, Jungkook tweeted a new workout video of himself at a machine with his trainer. Fans already knew he’s strong, but seeing just how much weight he’s lifting makes it even more impressive!


It’s uncertain when Jungkook filmed this clip, but some fans say it may have been right after BTS’s Los Angeles concert. Now that’s dedication!


Check out the video here, then go hit the gym!