Jungkook Trolled Worldwide Handsome Jin, But The Joke’s On Him

This new photo is the ultimate Jin joke.

Worldwide Handsome Jin vs Worldwide Prankster Jungkook. Who will win this never-ending battle?


On October 29, BTS successfully wrapped up their Speak Yourself world tour, and they’re now enjoying some downtime. After the show, several members left tweets, including this one from their dinner party.


One tweet, in particular, is getting lots of love from fans. It’s a group snapshot from BTS’s House of BTS visit. The caption says, “The reason that we’re able to smile brightly is because ARMY made us happy.” 


In the photo, Jungkook dares to block Jin’s face, but Jin’s Worldwide Handsomeness couldn’t be stopped.


Jin’s face can still be seen in a background photo!


Like this fan says, you’ll never catch Jin slipping!