Jungkook Carried BTS’s “Most Expensive” Prop On Set

Only BTS could afford to use this prop in their production.

BTS‘s strongman, Jungkook, was entrusted with a special task. He had to transport the valuable prop on the planet!


In Episode 75 of Run BTS!, BTS continued filming for their very own K-Drama. To complete their mission, they had to successfully film their scenes within an allotted amount of time.


Aside from acting, the members were each given one additional staff role. Jungkook became the “Slate Fairy”, but he didn’t mind assisting with props when the job called for extra muscle.


For one scene, Actor Jungkook had to carry a variety of objects into a room. To add some creativity, J-Hope suggested that they include one prop that’s totally ridiculous.


That prop was Jin! Jungkook carried him carefully and swiftly without breaking a sweat (or Jin).


The addition of that prop made the production 100x more expensive. No “prop” is more expensive than Worldwide Handsome Jin!