BTS’s Jungkook Learned New English Slang And It’s The Best Thing Ever

He showed off his English skills in a way nobody expected.

BTS‘s Jungkook has added new slang to his English vocabulary, and now fans don’t know whether to laugh or facepalm.


Last week, Jungkook hosted a livestream where he talked about how he is studying to become BTS’s #2 English speaker. He’s hoping that in a year’s time he will be fluent enough to help RM answer English interview questions.


In the broadcast, Jungkook shared a list of the words he’s been memorizing, but he failed to mention a slang phrase that nobody expected to hear.


On M Countdown, Jungkook suddenly shouted, “let’s get this bread!” to the audience. “Let’s get this bread” is an alternate phrase for “let’s get money” (bread = dough). It’s often used in the same context as Jungkook’s catchphrase, “let’s get it!”, to get people hyped.


Many ARMYs are now wondering if Jungkook has a stan account and is learning some of his English from the fandom itself!


Check out some of “let’s get this bread” memes that are already making their way through Twitter.


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