BTS’s Jungkook As Olaf The Snowman From Disney’s “Frozen” Is Taking Over Twitter

Olaf in Jungkook’s voice is a whole new level of uwu.

BTS‘s Jungkook — with his undeniably adorable visual — has been compared to a handful of fluffy animals and Disney characters, mainly the bunny Judy from Zootopia.


The latest addition to his 2D counterpart? Twitter says it’s the snowman Olaf from Disney’s Frozen franchise!


A talented ARMY playfully dubbed Jungkook’s voice over a short clip of Olaf from the movie…


… and the internet simply can’t handle what a perfect sync it turned out to be!


It isn’t only Jungkook’s voice that sparks resemblance with Olaf the Snowman. Something about their visuals — probably that irresistible cuteness — gives them strong twin vibes:


And we’re in love. We’re so in love with BTS’s Olaf, Jungkook the Snowman!

Source: THEQOO