Here’s An Adorable Anecdote Of BTS’s Jungkook On A Plane That A Stewardess Once Shared

She had nothing but praise for him.

It is a well-known fact that BTS is one of the humblest and kindest stars out there. Another anecdote by a stewardess about Jungkook cemented the praise.

The anecdote was shared on the stewardess’s blog before being reposted to community sites. According to the stewardess, she is an ARMY. So naturally, she was curious if he would be sleeping on the flight and glanced over at him occasionally. Jungkook did not sleep but was watching a movie with his trademark sparkly eyes instead. She included the photo below as a reference.

Jungkook had zero makeup on and had long hair back then. She asked him if he wanted to have his meal, to which he rejected politely as he waved his hands. Her reaction? Wanting to break everything in sight due to how cute he was!

The stewardess’s reaction to Jungkook’s cuteness. | Nate Pann

Later, he was seen waiting patiently for his meal, even laying out his table in advance. The stewardess tried to keep a straight face as she set down his tray. Jungkook also giggled sheepishly as he apologized for changing his mind about the food.

They also had the famous “bowing battle” as they kept exchanging bows. She had nothing but praise for him, claiming that “no other passenger she had seen was this polite.

Example of Jungkook bowing. | Nate Pann

She ended by calling him a complete angel for his impeccable manners and attitude towards service staff. Looks like what they say about the BTS members’ down-to-earth personalities is indeed true!

Source: Nate Pann


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