BTS’s Jungkook Got Caught Sneaking A Snack…His Reaction Is Priceless

He betrayed his members and his diet plans at the same time!

If BTS‘s Jungkook has one weakness, it’s food!


How much does Jungkook love to eat? Well, let’s just say that his idea of a diet is a “chicken detox”.


Some people drunk dial their exes, but Jungkook drunk dials room service!


In conclusion, Jungkook x Food is a ship that everybody can get behind, and it’s going strong! While his members were packing for their New Zealand trip in Bon Voyage 4, Jungkook was craving a snack. So, he kicked his diet plans to the curb and secretly cooked ramyeon for one…


…but he got caught.


Uh-oh. Busted!


Jungkook insisted that there wasn’t enough ramyeon left to cook more than one serving, but his hyungs didn’t believe him until they checked the cupboards themselves.


In the end, this hungry bunny had to share!


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