“Bon Voyage 4” Successfully Captured BTS’s Jungkook Releasing His Inner Maltese

And ARMYs can’t handle the UWU.

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS‘s Jungkook was spotted connecting with Chacha and Ziki — the two dogs at the accommodation where the members stayed their first night in New Zealand.


It all started when Jungkook noticed Ziki the White Dog standing in the cold and opened the door to let in:

Staff: Jungkook, you can’t go out that way —
Jungkook: No, no. There’s a dog here. It’s cold outside, come in.


Both Ziki and Chacha the Black Dog immediately opened their hearts up to Jungkook. Chacha had a blast trying to nibble on Jungkook’s finger!


Ziki, who noticed Jungkook and Chacha partying it up, came over to get in on the fun too!


Soon, Ziki and Chacha got excited and began doing dog things that dogs do…


… and watching them rough around, Jungkook simply couldn’t resist the urge to release his inner Gureum — his Maltese at home!

Can I get in there and join the fight…?

— Jungkook


Here’s Jungkook fully channeling his spirit animal, captured on camera:


It wasn’t only ARMYs who noticed that Jungkook was being a total pupper. Jimin playfully gave “Jungkook the Giant Maltese” a pat on the bum…

What is this giant dog doing here…?

— Jimin


… and in that moment, ARMYs knew, Jungkook is truly the goodest boy of all good boys.


Watch the clip here: