BTS’s Jungkook And RM Have The Same Habit That Makes Them Totally Twins

Did you notice this?

As the leader and the youngest member, BTS‘s RM and Jungkook have a close-knit relationship. However, many ARMYs might not realize how many similarities they share.

Both of them are full of passion and try their best at everything they do!

They’re also smart, talented, and totally adorable. However, there’s another part of their personalities that are eerily similar.

In a Bangtan Bomb of Jungkook’s photoshoot at the beach, he did something that was just so RM.

After greeting the staff holding the camera…

…he began running along the coast!

Does it remind you of anyone?

Both Jungkook and RM love fitness and one of their secrets to looking their best on camera is going for a run prior to filming!

Supposedly, it can quickly shed excess bloating to make them appear their best on screen.

Great minds must think alike!

It might be the same exercise…

…but it has a slightly different feeling!

One thing is certain: What they’re doing is totally paying off.

Watch Jungkook run along the beach just like RM did below!