Jungkook Supported RM At BTS’s Global Press Conference In The Sweetest Way

If there was any doubt that Jungkook is RM’s fan, this confirms it.

Jungkook is RM‘s biggest cheerleader, and he proved it once again at BTS‘s global press conference!


On April 17 (KST), BTS held a live global press conference to field questions about their new album, Map of the Soul: Persona. At one point, a BBC reporter asked RM about the issues BTS have addressed in their music, and which issues they would like to address in the future.


After sweetly complimenting the reporter’s Korean pronunciation, RM answered the question in English, in great detail.

…I think what we want to address is all about the ironies but we have to go and still live because the energy and all the things we speak about with our fans is better than all the bad things inside we address from now on. Thank you very much.

— RM


Jungkook hasn’t mastered English yet, but he still listened intently to everything RM had to say.


When RM finished speaking, Jungkook leaned over and told him that he did well. RM’s reaction couldn’t be any cuter!


Check out RM’s full answer and more below: