BTS’s Jungkook Had A “God Of Destruction” Moment, And RM Let Him Know All About It

The editors teased RM a bit!

One of BTS RM‘s most famous nicknames is “God of Destruction” due to how often he accidentally destroys things.

While RM often accidentally destroys things, the other members have had “God of Destruction” moments. One time, Jungkook accidentally broke something, and RM let him know all about it!

BTS’s Jungkook

When Jungkook, RM, and J-Hope took a photo, Jungkook accidentally broke the chair he was standing on.

| @rmkkyu/Twitter

RM and J-Hope quickly began teasing Jungkook. The editors also decided to be playful and wrote, “Today, it’s not RM breaking things, but it’s Jungkook?!

| @rmkkyu/Twitter

RM continued with the teasing and jokingly told Jungkook to “stop playing around.”

| @rmkkyu/Twitter

RM also told Jungkook that he couldn’t “nag” him anymore for destroying things now that he broke the chair!

| @rmkkyu/Twitter

RM concluded by jokingly telling the staff to “charge” Jungkook for the broken chair.

| @rmkkyu/Twitter

Here’s the full video below!