A Fan Wanted To Give BTS’s Jungkook A Rose During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — SEOUL” And Here’s What He Did

Best boy!

BTS‘s Jungkook proved himself to be the best boy ever once more at the recent “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — SEOUL”. Not only did he totally deliver brand new Jungkook moments that’ll go down in history, but he was also the sweetest to ARMY!

A concertgoer caught an especially memorable moment between Jungkook and a fan on camera. While performing, Jungkook appeared to magically catch a rose mid-air! The rose was a gift from a fan, so he brought it back to the main stage with him!

Another look of the moment from a different angle sent fans swooning even more. Not only did he make the catch, but he had specifically noticed that the fan was holding the rose, hoping to gift it to the boys. Being the sweetest boy ever, he gestured for the fan to throw it to him! What a lucky fan!

Although fans often throw gifts on stage for idols, it’s not every day that the idol him or herself beckons for the fan to pass the gift over. Fans often hesitate to toss things on stage for safety reasons. Who can say no to Jungkook himself though? Here’s a closer look.

To make the fan’s day even better, Jungkook held on to the rose all throughout the remainder of the performance. He knows just how to make an ARMY feel special!

Best boy Jungkook sure knows how to melt ARMYs hearts! ARMYs can look forward to more special moments as BTS continues their tour with Las Vegas in April.

Source: theqoo