BTS’s Jungkook Put His Own Spin On Suga’s “Shadow” Intro

He loves imitating his hyungs, especially on TV.

Rapstar Jungkook just jumped out, and we’re loving it!

On the February 28 episode of KBS‘s Music Bank, BTS took their first win for “ON” with 7,465 points over Zico’s “Any song” (4,511 points).


During the show, the members performed “ON” and answered several interview questions, including one about their favorite songs.

Jungkook’s favorite MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 track seems to change day to day. He previously named his solo, “My Time”, as his fave, but this time he chose Suga’s solo, “Interlude: Shadow”.

When an MC asked him to sing part of the song, Jungkook put a cute, Kookie-style spin on the opening lines, “I wanna be a rap star, I wanna be the top.” 

Unfortunately, the camera didn’t show Suga’s reaction to this spot-on imitation, but Jin and J-Hope can be heard laughing in the background.

If there’s petition for a full Jungkook “Shadow” cover, we’ll definitely sign it!

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