Here’s How BTS’s Jungkook Left A Strong First Impression On V

Jungkook sure has changed a lot!

While BTS‘s V and Jungkook are close like family now, V struggled to get close to Jungkook when they first met.


When BTS guested on MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, V shared that among the members, Jungkook left the strongest first impression.

V then explained that he first met Jungkook when he was taking vocal lessons. Later that day, V waited for Jungkook at the dorm.

Jungkook ended up coming back when V fell asleep.

V then explained that Jungkook used to be extremely shy and would interact with people as little as possible. One example he stated was how Jungkook would take a shower only when everyone else fell asleep.

However, Jungkook eventually was able to open up to all the members and is now known as the playful and loving maknae (youngest) of the group.

Here’s the full video below!