BTS’s Jungkook Surprises Suga With Another Use For His Own New Merch

Typical Jungkook! 🤣

Suga recently released his brand new merchandise from BTS‘s “Artist-Made Collection” and ARMYs are especially falling for one item in particular!

Inspired by his love for playing guitar, the Guitar Pick Necklace is a gorgeous piece of jewelry with a worn look, featuring the BTS and ARMY logo on the pendant.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

However, display model Jungkook couldn’t just wear the necklace! He found another use for the jewelry besides looking good.

By wrapping the chain around your hand, the pick can actually be used to play guitar! This is great news for ARMYs who are also sentimental about creating music.

Suga revealed he didn’t intend for this pleasant surprise to happen, so only do so at your own risk!

The necklace is multi-purposed and it’s up to you whether you wear it every day, display it, or use it functionally.

Plus, according to Suga, it makes you look like you know what you’re doing!

Even people who can’t play the guitar like [Jungkook] will look like they’re really good at playing the guitar!

— Suga