Jungkook Tried To Tie His Long Hair Back, But It Didn’t Work

Ponytails and man buns may be happening soon, if things go his way.

Jungkook is well on his way to becoming the Rapunzel of BTS, but he isn’t quite there…yet!


Ever since Jungkook started growing out his hair, fans have wondered just how long it will get. Some are dying to see Jungkook try a ponytail or a man bun.


Can you picture it? No? Maybe this edit will help.


On October 11, Jungkook shared a new vlog, to conclude BTS’s vacation log series. In the video, he takes viewers through his upper body workout routine at the gym.


In this clip, he says what long-haired Kook enthusiasts have been hoping to hear.

I tried to tie my hair with a rubber band but it didn’t work. I need to grow my hair more.

— Jungkook


That’s right, Jungkook wants to keep growing his hair, so ponytails and man buns may be on the horizon! Until then, check out his vlog here.