Jungkook Made V Smile Brighter Than The Sun At SBS’s Super Concert

Jungkook created a cute “Taekook” moment at the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert.

BTS fans witnessed a sweet “Taekook” moment at the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert, thanks to Jungkook.


On April 28, BTS shared the stage with nine other talented artists in celebration of the Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championship.


The members gave fans many memorable moments while performing four hit songs: “DNA”, “IDOL”, “Boy With Luv”, and “Make It Right”.


During “DNA”, Jungkook ad-libbed a move while dancing with V. Usually, this is a powerful moment where they mirror each other while drawing on each other’s energy.


This time though, Jungkook made it more playful. When he turned around, he sent V this finger heart. V’s smile lit up the stage!


Jungkook smiled just as brightly as V continued singing, and they had a blast performing for all their Gwangju fans.


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