BTS’s Jungkook, V, And Jimin Prove How Different They Are From Each Other In Just One Moment

The three maknae line members are complete opposites!

BTS‘s maknae line, consisting of Jimin, V, and Jungkook, are known for being an iconic trio!

The three members have some obvious similarities that fans love.

Some of the most obvious traits they share are their sense of humor…

…and their sexy charisma on stage!

However, there was one specific moment they each showed their differences through their own unique charms.

It all started when the boys tried their luck at kicking the cap off of a water bottle! During Jungkook’s turn, he passed with flying colors as he flawlessly kicked the cap off — as expected of the Golden Maknae!

During Jimin’s turn, he aggressively kicked the water bottle with all his might, just to smash it out of the other’s hands.

When V was up, his hilariously feeble kick almost brought the members to tears because they were laughing so hard!

With all three of their results next to each other, you can clearly see each member’s individual charms.

All of them are just so lovable!

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