BTS’s Jungkook And V Question The True Meaning Of “Spacing Out”

No thoughts, head empty. 🤣

BTS‘s Jungkook And V are always on the same wavelength! During a recent debate between the BTS members, the two youngest members took each other’s side on a complex question that can help determine your MBTI personality type.

When everyone was asked about the true meaning of “spacing out,” everyone except the V and Jungkook believed that it means having no thoughts at all.

However, the two boys argued that the reason you space out is because you’re lost in thought.

People think I’m not thinking at all but I still have small thoughts.

— V

Meanwhile, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin insisted that spacing out occurs when you’re thinking of absolutely nothing.

If you side with the young ones, chances are you have an intuitive MBTI personality type! If you agree with the others, then you may have a sensing personality type.

Check out what else they debated below!

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