BTS Jungkook’s Wet-And-Sexy Performance At 2019 MMA May Be Too Dangerous For Your Heart

You’ve been warned!

To celebrate the year-end award-giving party that is the 2019 Melon Music Awards, BTS — alongside other talented K-Pop idols — prepared fascinating performances for the viewers.


This includes Jungkook‘s sexiest-yet solo dance break to “Save Me”, which may have left a good 99.9% of ARMYs completely breathless and heaven-bound!


For this introduction to the group’s “Dionysus” performance, Jungkook became a gorgeous water-bending “sea prince” in his most dangerous wet & sexy mode.


Jungkook had viewers entirely mesmerized, using his fringe-y outfit to create beautiful splashes of bliss…


… and proceeded to slay ARMYs with the single most subtle but sexy ab-flash in this word that could possibly top his very own ab-flash from the 2018’s BBMAs.


ARMYs have fallen speechless at the level of pure art that Jungkook has reached in his ability to perform and wow on stage!


Talk about being Jungshook AF, right?

Watch the entire dreamy-steamy performance here:


ICYMI, here is a list of all the winners at the 2019 MMA.

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