BTS Fans Literally Can’t Get Over Jungkook’s Sexy Ab Stunt At The BBMAs

As if BTS’s epic performance at the BBMA’s wasn’t enough, Jungkook flashed his abs!

BTS performed “Fake Love” at the Billboard Music Awards and blew the minds of every single person there when Jungkook briefly flashed his abs on stage.

They won Top Social Artist award for the second time in a row and became the first K-Pop artist to ever perform at the American music awards ceremony.


As always, the boys gave 110% during the performance, completely killing it!


But Jungkook gave the crowd a little something extra….


He flashed his abs and the crowd went wild!


It was a super quick move, but it definitely wasn’t missed!


Fans made sure to capture the moment in HD….


And are having a bit of trouble moving past the unexpected sight!


Jungkook, being the maknae of the group, is often seen as the baby, so the sudden appearance of abs caused some delirious confusion.


While some A.R.M.Ys had physical reactions to the move…


Others had completely different thoughts.


And most A.R.M.Ys were just not okay.


But can you blame them?

BTS At The 2018 BBMAs