BTS Reveals Everything In Their Behind The Scenes Coverage From The Billboard Music Awards 2018

BTS just released a behind the scenes video of their complete experience at the Billboard Music Awards 2018, and it answers every question ARMYs ever had!

BTS just unveiled a behind the scenes video all about their complete experience at Billboard Music Awards 2018!


BTS covered every single moment of their trip to the States, beginning with their airport trip where the members were all self-conscious of their bloated faces (who would’ve guessed?!).


Once in LA, the members headed towards their filming for The Ellen Show, where they revealed their favorite snacks that they munch on while in the waiting rooms.


They also revealed the first time they boarded a tour bus, and it literally blew their minds!


The suspense really began to build when they revealed shots of their rehearsal for the BBMAs!


The boys may have looked calm and collected while walking the red carpet, but their video showed just how excited and nervous they were on the inside!


Remember all of those celebrity pics? Well, BTS gives you the whole story behind how they got to meet top artists like DJ Khaled


…and just how loving and positive their conversation was with Taylor Swift


… and how John Legend asked them to sign a copy of their album for his little girl, Luna!


The video also recaps about everything the boys talked about while they enjoyed the awards ceremony…


… and how they even found little time to entertain themselves with little games!


The highlight of the video has to be the moment BTS won the Top Social Artist award!


Not to mention, their historical debut performance of “FAKE LOVE”!


Congratulations once again, BTS! You deserve every bit of your success at the BBMAs!

BTS At The 2018 BBMAs